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  • Friday advice: Varun Duggirala on impactful content

  • Discover a new creator: The Deviant Mindset for monetization strategies

  • News that caught our eye: YouTube to expand creator monetization options

  • Stuff worth watching: Why a sculptor pivoted from gallery installations to big-box stores design

Varun Duggirala on creating content

Content creator, podcaster, and founder — Varun Duggirala is someone who does a lot of things and yet finds the right balance between personal life and professional life. 🥳

His advice on creating social media content makes sense to every creator out there.

While you're at it, watch this. 👇

Have You Checked Out The Deviant Mindset for Learning Monetization Strategies?

Dimitris Anastasopoulos is trying to solve what most creators often struggle from! Figuring out monetization opportunities and revenue models. Since 2021, he has been coaching digital creators and helping them make money out of their skills.

Dimitris' interest in creator economy started in 2020 when he started interacting with creators to uncover behind-the-scenes journeys of famous creators.

His newsletter 'The Deviant Mindset' talks about diverse topics like content strategy, personal branding, audience, etc. It's read by 3,000+ founders, creators, and solopreneurs. ✨

Every Sunday, you'll get one new actionable audience-building & digital monetization tip sent directly to your inbox. 👇

YouTube to Expand Creator Monetization Opportunities

YouTube has been giving back to its community and creators — and now, it's just doing more. ✨

Expanding creator monetization opportunities to other regions, which YouTube recently announced about along with with a slew of new features, including pausing comments on new YouTube videos. More on that later; let's talk about the YouTube Partner Program.

YouTube has reduced the barrier to entry for its YouTube Partner Program, and if you observe the above image, you'll discover the criteria. But what makes it interesting is that fans can fund creators, and creators with 1000 subscribers can also be a part of this program. What does this mean? Well, nano creators are eligible to monetize!

Social Media Today said, "YouTube has announced that these lower entry markers will now apply to creators in 37 more countries, meaning that 99 regions in total now qualify for the new system. YouTube’s eventually planning to expand this to all regions, which will help to facilitate more revenue options for more creators, and could help YouTube fend off competition from TikTok, and others, for talent.”

What do you think about this? Do you think you'll apply for the Partner Program?

Will you apply for the Partner Program?

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Why a Sculptor Pivoted from Gallery Installations to Big-box Stores Design

James Wines is an iconic sculptor and architect who transitioned into a visual artist and architect endorsing sustainability. While his works have found home in Canada, Spain, Japan, Korea, Dubai, and other parts of the world, he paused everything he was doing to pivot and create what would endure for years.

Bringing elements like aesthetics, creativity, durability, and timeless and environmental designs into play — James and his team architected buildings and spaces that invoke conversations. In this piece by Aeon, you’ll know how they put art where you least expect it. A great learning for me, because it made me realise sustainability doesn’t have to be less creative or conversational.

Check it out here (psst. it’s got a video too.) 👇🏼

🔥 Brewing Hot

  • Pinterest creators, there’s some news for you! Pinterest has launched an education platform for you to learn all about creating on Pinterest. Check it out here.

  • Did you know Meta is being sued by 42 states? Find more information here.

  • We’re hosting an Instagram Live with North Metro Eateries in a few hours. Join us. Grab all deets here.

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