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Stories bring people together. 🌟

That's why if you look at the Top YouTubers in the US today, most of them are excellent storytellers. In Philip Pullman's words: "After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”

On that note, let's go through the updates and stuff worth checking out in the creator economy.

In today's Going Solo

  • Short interview: 8AM newsletter by Christian Collard

  • News that caught our eye: Twitter is bringing back its creator subscription program

  • Must read: Business Insider’s newsroom will use AI

A Quick Chat with Christian Collard of 8AM Newsletter

Thousand Faces Club: What's your newsletter about and how often do you send it?

Christian: 8AM is a bite-sized newsletter that shares just one story, idea, or gem of advice to inspire and enlighten the creator economy. 8AM is delivered daily, 365 days a year. Our content ranges from real-life startup stories, and inspirational speeches, to advice on how to live to 122.

Thousand Faces Club: Can you tell us about yourself and what made you start 8AM?

Christian: I've launched several direct-to-consumer brands and content websites in the past 10 years. The most meaningful and engaging means of communication for me has always been email. However, the inbox can fill up fast, and we all get busy. I've had the idea of 8AM on my mind for years — creating a quick and simple email each day that a reader could digest in 30 seconds. I've seen other creators provide similar newsletters from their personal brands with success, but I've never been a fan of the spotlight so I launched 8AM as a brand (instead of my voice) to create something bigger than myself. Creating a stand-alone brand has allowed me to scale quickly by branding the newsletter with a look and feel that people can relate to.

Thousand Faces Club: How many subscribers does your newsletter have?

Christian: 4000. We started on March 1st!

Thousand Faces Club: What goes into curating your content?

Christian: I am an online information junkie! I follow thousands of Twitter accounts, newsletters, blogs, and other feeds. I bookmark any content that I think will resonate with my readers and curate the 5 issues of the newsletter about a week ahead of time. I look for a variety of content that speaks to creators — but also to anyone looking to advance their wellness, career, and mind.

Thousand Faces Club: Your goto newsletter creators?

Christian: I subscribe to SO many newsletters, and there are a lot of creators I'd admire out there. A few that I always open are Josh Spector, Tim Ferris, and Darius Foroux.

Subscribe to 8AM. 👇

Twitter Is Bringing Back Its Creator Subscription Program

Ohkaay then, this is happening!

Twitter is bringing back (or re-launching, as Social Media Today calls it) the creator subscription program, allowing creators to monetize their tweets, subscriber-specific Spaces, etc. In one of his tweets, Elon Musk said, “For the next 12 months, Twitter will keep none of the money. We will also help promote your work. Our goal is to maximize creator prosperity. At any point, you can leave our platform and take your work with you. Easy in, easy out.”

Read more about this. 👇

Business Insider’s Newsroom Is All Set to Use AI

Who would’ve thunk?

Business Insider’s newsroom is all set to use AI to leverage their work. Insider’s editor sent a memo to the newsroom asking journalists to implement AI for its research or brainstorming purposes.

In the memo, the editor has also mentioned the importance of fact-checking and that ChatGPT shouldn’t be writing or be responsible for fairness. Read the entire piece. 👇

👀 Brewing Hot

  • Instagram now allows adding multiple links to our bios — we're talking about 5 links. How do you feel about this? While you're at it, read about this feature here.

  • When do you think the influencer culture began? Watch our video to find out.

  • YouTubers have been annoyed that YouTube doesn't allow uploading thumbnails for Shorts; but that's changing. YouTube just announced that iOS users can upload custom thumbnails. Find out more here.

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