Best-performing ads? 🤔

TikTok's new series is all about this! 🧠

The thing about good stories is they linger for hours after you're done reading or watching them. This weekend, we're curling up with Jhumpa Lahiri's latest book Roman Stories. 🤓

What are your weekend plans? Do tell us — but not before going through our weekly round-up of all things brewing hot in the creator economy. 👇

In today's Going Solo

  • Friday advice: Vera Nazarian's advice on creativity

  • Discover a new creator: Dan Koe for all creative inspo

  • News that caught our eye: TikTok tells you which ads work

  • Stuff worth watching: 19 books to read in 2023 by rest of world

Vera Nazarian on Creativity

Vera Nazarian is a Russian-American writer who writes science and fantasy fiction. Having written nearly 20 books and over 20 short stories, she is also quite active on TikTok, where she shares tips on writing.

Her book The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration has nuggets of wisdom that inspire hundreds of creators out there, but these lines struck a chord with us. 👇🏼

Looking for Inspo While Creating? You Must Follow This Creator

Dan Koe is a brand and creator advisor who works with creators making 6-7 figures. In his words, Dan is the guy creators go to when they want to go from starving artists to highly-paid (and highly-praised) internet phenomenon. While he helps creators set up marketing, strategies, and goals for growth — he also offers plenty of free courses. ✨

Great to get a taste of them before you sign up for the real deal, eh?

Whether you follow his newsletter or social media pages, his content is lucid and serves a purpose: it pushes you to tap into your potential, create better, and write more often. The clarity of thought that his content offer is incredible, and if you’re looking to follow one creator who can motivate you every day, it’s got to be Dan.

Check out Dan's website for more information. 👇

Want to Know Which Ads Work on TikTok? TikTok Tell You!

TikTok launched a new web series called 'Talking Creative', where TikTok will host ad industry experts behind TikTok ad campaigns.

Whether you run ads on TikTok or not, this series is an excellent podcast for you to follow as it's an all-encompassing video for all creators and those working with creators. Hosted by Jordan Randall, TikTok’s Creative Agency Partnerships Lead — this series will have great insights.

Watch a teaser here. 👇

Here's where you can watch the first episode.

19 Books Worth Reading in 2023 by Rest of World

We can't imagine a day without reading something from Rest of World, and since they've published their choice of 19 books to read in 2023, we can't be more ecstatic. ✨

We love that our favourites Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner and Afterparties by Anthony Veasna So. If you've been looking for some great reads, and a good mix of fiction and non-fiction books, you must check this out. 👇

🔥 Brewing Hot

  • 2023 is ending, and the predictions reports are out! Have you checked out Social Media Today’s predictions for 2024? Here you go.

  • Been toying with the idea to get GoPro’s Creator Edition? Here’s what we think.

  • It looks like OnlyFans creator Amouranth is working on safe-for-work games. Find more information here.

That’s it for this week! We’ll be back with more stories next Friday. 👋🏼

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