Spotify Launches a Ticketing Site

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In today’s Going Solo

  • Austin Kleon on books

  • Discover a new creator: The Himalayan Husky

  • Spotify introduces ticketing

  • Why filmmakers are abandoning crowdfunding for NFTs

Austin Kleon on Books

Every creator enjoys reading and revisiting Austin Kleon’s books — and his newsletter. This best-selling author has a way with words, and I love that he uses illustrations and personal experiences to make his creative advice relatable and more appealing.

His Steal Like An Artist made him a New York Times Bestselling Author, and these lines from the book are 🔥.

Psst. sign up for his free newsletter here.

Discover a New Creator: The Himalayan Husky

Whether you love pets, have one, or looking to adopt one — The Himalayan Husky’s YouTube channel is for everyone out there. Straight from Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand, this channel is run by an architect and pet parent, Divy Khatri. From discovering pet-specific brands, how to care for pets and their needs to watching the resident cuties Max and Ghost take off on treks, adventures, and walks, these pet influencers are a delight. 🐾

Check them out here or watch one of their videos. 👇🏼

Spotify Introduces Ticketing for Live Music

Well, this took an interesting turn! 🎶

Instead of re-directing users to ticketing platforms, Spotify has introduced a new site to sell tickets to live music gigs. This feature is limited to Spotify users in the US for now.

Owing to how Spotify has transformed artist-user interaction, it makes sense to discover your favourite artist’s line-up, and book tickets to their gigs within the page. Makes everyone’s lives a bit easy too.

TechCrunch’s report states, “Spotify’s ticketing platform launch comes days after TikTok partnered with Ticketmaster to let users discover concerts and other live events. In February, Snap struck a similar partnership with the ticket booking platform to power event discovery through Snap Minis — third-party party programs on Snapchat.”

Read the whole report here.

Here’s Why Filmmakers are Abandoning Crowdfunding Platforms in Favour of NFTs

It’s true that for years now, indie filmmakers have relied on crowdfunding to produce great movies. With changing times, this is changing too! Hollywood actors and filmmakers are experimenting with NFTs now. Plus, funding has become more accessible even to first-time filmmakers.

NFT Now has written an interesting feature or a case study on this that you absolutely read.

What Else is Brewing in the Creator Economy?

  1. Instagram allows scheduling from within the app. More here.

  2. Corridor Crew launches Punch 4 Punch for Netflix.

  3. The evolution of the creator economy with Varun Duggirala & Shephali Bhatt.

  4. LinkedIn enhances its discover feed. Grab deets here.

That’s it for this week! I’ll be back with more stories next Friday. 👋🏼

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— Sunaina Patnaik

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