RedBull: Not Just Adventure Sports

Energy drink giant eyes soccer domination. How will they play the game?

Craving a pick-me-up?

Red Bull might be the answer. This iconic energy drink, instantly recognizable by its sleek blue and silver can, has become synonymous with getting that extra boost.

And adventure sports.

But what if we told you that they’re taking over one of the world’s most popular sports too?

Let’s understand their strategy.

Red Bull: Beyond the Can

Red Bull isn't just about the taurine and caffeine kick. It's a brand built on a lifestyle – one that celebrates adventure, action, and achieving the seemingly impossible. This core message, "Red Bull Gives You Wings," fuels everything they do, from product development to those heart-stopping commercials.

  1. Living on the Edge: Red Bull's core message, "Red Bull Gives You Wings," is a philosophy. The brand celebrates those who push boundaries, embrace adventure, and chase audacious goals. This is evident in their association with extreme sports like snowboarding, skateboarding, and Formula One racing.

  1. The Spirit of Action: Red Bull doesn't shy away from high-octane experiences. Their marketing campaigns are all about adrenaline-pumping activities and defying limitations.

Think of the jaw-dropping Stratos jump of 2012, where Felix Baumgartner broke several records when he parachuted from space. This association with action creates an aspirational image and positions Red Bull as the fuel for those seeking extraordinary experiences.

  1. Community and Culture: Red Bull fosters a sense of community amongst its audience. Events like the Red Bull Soapbox Race, where creativity meets wacky competition, bring people together via pure entertainment.

Additionally, in places like Thailand, Red Bull consumption is woven into the social fabric. This cultural connection builds brand loyalty and encourages fans to become brand ambassadors.

  1. The Power of "Cool": Red Bull understands the power of being perceived as "cool." Their association with extreme sports, edgy music (through their record label), and artistic endeavors like Red Bull Media House positions them as a brand for the young, the rebellious, and those who break the mould.

By creating this lifestyle image, Red Bull goes beyond selling a drink. They offer an identity, a sense of belonging, and a connection to a community that thrives on pushing limits and living life to the fullest. This emotional connection is what truly sets Red Bull apart from its competitors in the energy drink market.

Taking Over the Field

Soccer is a global phenomenon, and Red Bull isn't missing out. They’re slowly but surely building a deep connection with the sport:

1. FC Red Bull Salzburg - Red Bull actually owns a football club. FC Red Bull Salzburg is an Austrian club which has been a dominant force in the Austrian Bundesliga, and they actively use the Red Bull brand and resources to promote the team.

They also recently announced that they will be a part of the Club World Cup. For the very first time, FIFA is to host it with 32 teams next summer.

2. Sponsorships and Events: Red Bull is a turning out to be a big player in football sponsorships and events. Here are some examples:

a. Red Bull Street Style: This freestyle football competition showcases incredible technical skill and tricks, perfectly aligning with Red Bull's focus on pushing boundaries and athleticism.

b. Red Bull Neymar Jr.'s Five: This fast-paced, five-a-side tournament injects excitement into the beautiful game with unique rules like no goalkeepers and double points for first and last-minute goals.

c. Team Sponsorships: Red Bull sponsors various football teams and athletes around the world, further associating themselves with the sport and its passionate fanbase.

By owning a club, running football-centric events, and sponsoring teams and players, Red Bull leverages the immense popularity of football to reach a massive audience and further solidify their brand image as one that celebrates action, skill, and achieving the seemingly impossible.

RedBull isn’t giving you wings. It’s helping you score goals too.

In the next episode of Influencer Matchmaking, we discuss how the brand can use creators and influencer marketing to take their football-centric content game to the next level.

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