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Are you looking forward to 2024? We sure are. New beginnings and a fresh new year bring a stronger purpose to help more creators. Have you made a resolution, too? ✨

Ours is to contribute to the creator economy. And right on that note, let's dig into this week's updates. 👇

In today's Going Solo

  • Friday advice: Haruki Murakami on creating

  • Discover a new creator: Romane Nouri, for passive income advice

  • News that caught our eye: Pinterest opens a pop-up store with its 2024 trends predictions

  • Stuff worth watching: Give yourself the permission to be creative by Ethan Hawke

Haruki Murakami on Creating

Japanese writer Haruki Murakami’s writing often transports us to a surreal world where we’re talking to cats and clouds. For those familiar with his writing, you already know discovering inspiration comes along with discovering music — along with them comes savoring moments of nothingness.

A particular line from his book Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman, is apt for those days when we cannot create. 👇

Sometimes, that nothingness leads us somewhere. 🚶

You Must Follow Romane Nouri for Tips on Passive Income

Producing digital products that you want to sell, like hotcakes? Looks like there's a creator who can help you do just that. 🔥

Romane Nouri is a passive income expert who teaches creators how to sell their digital products — but more importantly, she covers topics such as 'Starting Digital Products without Audience', 'Making Extra Dollars Every Month', 'How to Be Financial Independent.'

If you're a beginner creator, you can learn much about financial literacy from Romane. She also offers a free masterclass that you can check out here. 👇

Pinterest Opens a Pop-Up Store for Users to Check Out Shoppable Trends of 2024

Love what Pinterest is doing with 2024 predictions and trends! To be fair, publishing reports or content with predictions isn't enough for Pinterest — they are taking it to the next level with its first-ever pop-up store in New York.

Forbes says, "More than 50% of Pinterest users consider it a place to shop, and there has also been a 50% increase in user clicks and save on shoppable pins. To capitalize on this behavior, Pinterest has launched its first pop-up store in NYC to both feature its predicted trends for 2024 and offer a curation of related products. And for those not in New York, Pinterest has also created a feed, the Pinterest Predicts Shop, where consumers can also shop trending items through an online store."

This is quite interesting and purposeful — because Pinterest is putting to test what exactly it believes in. Will what it predicts sell? We'll soon find out.

Check out the predictions report. 👇

Give Yourself the Permission to Be Creative

That’s what Ethan Hawke says!

In one of these beautiful TED conversations, Ethan will reflect on his journey and how we must permit ourselves to be creative. To make art.

Watch the video here (if you haven’t yet). 👇

That’s it for this week! We’ll be back with more stories next Friday. 👋🏼

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