Mark Rober enters Roblox! 🤯

Gaming world goes gaga! 👾

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Well, well, we're finally into December, and there's a nip in the air. 🥶

Festivities are in, and this is our 90th edition — so, hey! We're excited. If there's one word we'd use to describe our time writing Going Solo, it would be: experiential.

And right on that note, let's dig into this week's updates. 👇

In today's Going Solo

  • Friday advice: Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity

  • Discover a new creator: Tommy Clark for all things social & memes

  • News that caught our eye: Mark Rober enters Roblox

  • Stuff worth watching: Creatives share their early work

Elizabeth Gilbert on Ingredients for Creativity

Bestselling author and journalist Elizabeth Gilbert is someone who believes in learning and unlearning throughout her creative process. Of course, she is so amazing and so is her writing that Eat, Pray, Love was made into a movie starring Julia Roberts. She advocates prioritising creative growth and discarding the idea of perfection. Elizabeth’s Big Magic will nudge every creator in the right direction.

Her thoughts on ingredients for creativity are 🔥

Check out the book here.

Follow Tommy Clark for All Things Social & Memes

Tommy Clark (formerly the head of Triple Whale's social) is the founder of a social agency for B2B companies, and runs a newsletter called Social Files for Workweek, which we totally dig. ✨

In Social Files, Tommy shares his thoughts and best picks from social media and content. If you're a creator or someone who works in social, you've got to add this weekly newsletter to your reading list.

We've been discovering interesting social media trends or viral content through Tommy because he analyses viral content. For instance, check out this tweet to know how Clancy's Auto Body (the cat TikTok) went viral on TikTok. 🚀

Subscribe to Social Files.👇

Mark Rober Finally Enters Roblox

And the gaming world can't stop talking about it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

If you've been following Mark for a while on YouTube, you already know the kind of content he makes. On Roblox, he's taking it to the next level by teaching his audience all about rocketry. 🚀

Tubefilter states, “The Roblox world is titled “Build a Rocket VS Mark Rober,” and it’s affiliated with CrunchLabs, Rober’s STEM-oriented subscription box. The rocket-building world will further the mission of CrunchLabs by bringing scientific education into Roblox. Players who access the new server will gather and combine materials, which they will use to build rockets that can help them navigate a series of challenges.”

👉 Here's what a user says.

Mark has even invited several Roblox gamers and creators to experience this virtual game. Find out more about it from a Crunch Labs video. 👇

Check it out on Roblox. 👇

First Acts: Creatives Share Their (Very) Early Work

This piece by Matt Alagiah on It's Nice That is one of the most beautiful things we've read this week. 😍

Matt spoke to 4 illustrators and artists to understand their early work and journey, and while all those artists share their early work, what makes this piece heartwarming is the personal stories the artists share.

If there's one thing you should read today, let it be this.

🔥 Brewing Hot

  • What are the best books you've read this year? We've published a blog post with our top picks for 2023 here.

  • You can now download all publicly-posted Reels from Instagram. Yay or nay? Find out more details here.

That’s it for this week! We’ll be back with more stories next Friday. 👋🏼

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