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But, what's Koji's future? 🤔

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Welcome to the last edition of Going Solo in 2023. We're, of course, excited to see you in 2024. ✨

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In today's Going Solo

  • Friday advice: Erma Bombeck on dreams & courage

  • Discover a new creator: Kirk Duncan of How to Coach

  • News that caught our eye: Linktree acquires Koji

  • Stuff worth reading: Haruki Murakami on the power of simple writing

Erma Bombeck on dreams & courage

One of America’s favourite humor writers, Erma Bombeck, has written 15 books in her lifetime, and although her bestselling titles are packed with comedy, there’s great advice in all of them. Whether it’s her advice on writing or life at large, Erma’s writing is still relevant.

Striking a chord with many, her thoughts on making a dream come true can jolt every creator out there. 👇🏼

You Can Ace Your Coaching Game With This Kirk Duncan

Kirk Duncan founded 3 Key Elements, which Inc. 5000 recognizes as one of the fastest-growing American companies for four consecutive years. Kirk regularly trains and coaches about 300 to 900 students. He also writes a newsletter 'How to Coach' that teaches people how to start and grow their coaching business.

We caught up with him to learn more about How to Coach and how creators can benefit from it. Read the quick interview. 👇

Sunaina: What made you start the newsletter, and what is the mission of How to Coach?

Kirk: When I started as a Coach 18 years ago, I really didn’t know the ins and outs of coaching. I wish I would have had a regular “drip” system of insight coming to me so it could open my eyes to the world of coaching. I struggled and wanted to give up so many times. What if I could help someone else by providing some ‘short-to-the-point wisdom’ that could motivate them and educate them simultaneously? I know that people are called to this work before they are actually “ready” to do the work…so we create these weekly messages to feed their minds and fire up their hearts so they will step into their calling and do the great work they are meant to do. We exist to create clarity for the mind and passion for the heart - to create bold and daring coaches.

Sunaina: How can creators benefit from “How to Coach”? Kirk: Learning how to be a coach is a never-ending process. We deliver short, to-the-point, mind-opening messages applicable when they read them. Each newsletter empowers the coach daily, making them even more committed to doing great work at their next appointment — insights, ah-ha’s, skills, adjustments, revisions, and motivation to do the work.

Sunaina: What are the three most important things coaches/creators must stick to for long-term success?

Sunaina: What does 2024 look like?

Kirk: 2024 is the miracle year. There will be people who will see miracles, be part of miracles, and be the instigator of miracles. The power of the mind and emotions is being more understood than ever, and we will see people apply this at a high level in 2024. Where there is an increase in chaos, an equal balance of order will increase. Where there is order, there will be miracles. I will be part of this, and I know I will see the awakening of individuals who burst out of the ruts and chains that they have been in.

Liked reading this? You'll learn a lot from Kirk's newsletter, How to Coach. Subscribe here. 👇

Now That Linktree Acquires Koji, What's Koji's Future?

You must have already heard the news — Linktree, the most-used link-in-bio tool in the world, acquired Koji, a link-in-bio tool. With about 350K creator signups and 5M unique monthly visitors, Koji has enabled around $2M transactions since its founding in 2021.

However, Linktree intends to shut down Koji and absorb Koji employees into Linktree. In its official announcement, Linktree said, “The Koji product and brand will be sunset on January 31, 2024. Linktree is the new link-in-bio home for all Koji creators and will offer all Koji users three months of free Linktree Pro.”

Linktree urges creators to check this out. 👇

If you remember, Linktree also acquired Bento earlier this year and moved Bento's employees into Linktree. Bento still operates with minimal customer support and no new features to keep its users hooked. However, Koji has a lot more to offer than Bento — and despite Koji's shutdown on January 31, 2024, we think Koji's innovations will still find a home at Linktree.

Know more about this. 👇

The Power of Simple Writing — Haruki Murakami

Murakami’s writing makes you wonder if words come to him as he sits to write. His writing is fluid and simple, but we all know how difficult simple writing is. Or the power that it has.

In a Guardian article, Murakami writes, “Give up trying to create something sophisticated. Why not forget all those prescriptive ideas about ‘the novel’ and ‘literature’ and set down your feelings and thoughts as they come to you freely in a way you like?”

If you’re seeking advice on writing from Murakami himself, check out this article.

That’s it for this week! We’ll be back with more stories next Friday. 👋🏼 

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