Creators 🤝 Analytics

A match made in heaven!

Sit with any creator, and the first thing you'll hear them talk about is content growth and monetization. In today's economy, it makes total sense that a creator is ambushed with opportunities — but capitalizing on them is closely tied to many factors. We caught up with some creators to understand what matters to them and how they prioritise their content strategy, and learned the importance of analytics.

Nano creators and brand managers have confessed that analytics are tricky, but there’s more to this. Let’s delve! 👇️

Creators 🤝 Analytics

Analytics are crucial for creators not just because they offer insights on content performance, they also shed light on audience demographics, significant drivers of traffic, and areas of improvement. As creators ourselves, we plan and measure our content strategy based on analytics.

Most creators use analytics tools every week to understand their performance. Dharmesh Ba, a creator who also writes a newsletter called India Notes, is fairly active on Twitter. He uses analytics (Typefully) at least twice a week, and says, "Every time I post a Tweet thread and realize it's going viral, I check the analytics. But every 14 days, I also do a larger audit to understand my follower and content growth. I usually get about a million views in 3 months, but my current goal is to fetch a million views in a month. And for that, analytics is crucial."

Creator and podcast host of Cost to Company at The Ken, Shreevar Chhotaria, uses social media on the web, and has no apps on phone to avoid being distracted. While he uses LinkedIn more than Twitter and Instagram, he says the creator-focussed tools for these platforms aren't as sharp. He says 👇️

When asked about the importance of analytics, Shreevar adds, "Analytics are essential for you to decipher because it's closely linked to monetization. Advertisers, brands, and companies seek numbers, and if you don't understand your analytics or work with numbers, you won't be able to monetize. It's as simple as that! Without analytics, it's tough to know your growth strategy or value of your content. In such cases, creators accept payments lower than their worth, but analytics give you leverage, and anything that gives you a leverage is of value.”

It’s not human creators, even our imaginary friend, ChatGPT says, “Collecting and analyzing data can be time-consuming and require specialized skills. Creators working independently or with small teams may not have the resources available to devote to analytics. And then, there’s information overload! With so much data, it can be difficult for creators to know which metrics are most important to track and analyze. This can overwhelm creators and leave them clueless not knowing where to focus their attention.”

Well, GPT has a point there.

The Thing With Analytics

Is they’re complex! 🤷‍♀️

Making sense of analytics or customizing them as per our needs is a top priority for many. During our conversations with creators and those working in social media, one thing stood out for sure: creators prefer Instagram web analytics. While one may argue that Meta Business Suite offers web analytics, it isn’t easy for beginner creators to navigate. There are videos and tutorials/courses to help people set up and use the Meta Business Suite, which explains the lengths to which creators should go to use them.

And let’s not even talk about how non-user-friendly it is! How do you measure each post or understand your user demographics? Who are you creating content for? Are you even communicating with your target audience?

Instagram’s web analytics leaves all these questions unanswered — a wild mystery creators haven’t signed up for.

But, Fret Not..

For here’s a solution! 💡

We’ve been working on a slew of tools for creators. As creators ourselves, we understand what matters to creators and realized having a customizable, easy-to-navigate web analytics tool can simplify our lives. So that’s what we built, phew!

Our plug-in Social Pro is one of the first tools (yup, we’re building more) we’ve built for creators and brand managers to navigate and customize Instagram’s web analytics easily. It’s so simple that you could show the dashboard while sleepwalking. No, really!

Don’t Take Our Word..

Just look at the features Social Pro offers yourself.

Want to give Social Pro a shot? We’re launching it soon — get more deets here. 👇️

That’s it for this week! I’ll be back with another story next Tuesday. 👋🏼

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— Sunaina Patnaik

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