Gen Z's preferred platform revealed!

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2024 is shaping up to be busy!

AI is zooming ahead, and a U.S. presidential election is on the horizon. And creators will definitely be in on the action! 🚀

On that note, have you checked out our Creator Economy Predictions for 2024 yet?

Moving on, let's see what's brewing hot in the creator economy this week. 💯

In today's Going Solo

  • Friday advice: Nicholette Leanza on New Year Goals

  • Discover a new creator: Omar Agamy

  • News that caught our eye: Gen Z trusts YouTube the most

  • Stuff worth watching: How should Creators think about Merchandising?

Nicholette Leanza on New Year Goals

Did you know that 62% of folks feel pressured to set New Year's resolutions? Even though the excitement and ambition are real, it can also get a tad overwhelming.

Nicholette Leanza, a licensed professional clinical counselor, has some wise words to make your resolution journey smoother. 👇🏻

Discover better ways to nail those New Year goals here.

Find out whats happening around the world with Omar Agamy

Love global updates without the unnecessary drama and hype?

Omar Agamy's channel is your go-to! He covers world events, facts, history, and even throws in snacks and product reviews – all in a fascinating way! 🌍

Check out one of the videos here. 👇

Gen Z trusts YouTube the most

It's pretty clear why YouTube tops the trust charts compared to other platforms. With better safety measures and user-friendliness, it's no surprise!

Around 59% of Gen Zers (aged 18 to 26) find YouTube quite trustworthy, says a recent study.

On the flip side, Facebook isn't faring well, with 60% of adult Gen Zers finding it less trustworthy.

Well, other platforms have some serious catching up to do to win over the zoomer crowd.

Read more about this. 👇

How Should Creators Think About Merchandising?

We've said it before, and we'll say it again – Creator Merch is an awesome way to bond with your fans and earn some extra cash.

Having tangible, off-screen goodies adds a special touch, making the parasocial connection even more valuable. 🌟💙

In our latest Creator Deep Dive, our hosts, Shubham Tiwari and Shreevar Chhotar discuss everything about creator merchandising and they also break down the merch game of two fantastic creators!

Btw did you know we launched some fresh new merch this holiday season? Check it out here.

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