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On that note, heres a round-up of all thats brewing in the creator economy.

In todays Going Solo

  • Tiago Forte on ideas

  • Discover a new creator: Alex Llul

  • The Easy Company raises $14.2M

  • How to focus like its 1990

Tiago Forte on Ideas

Writer, creator, and founder of Forte Labs, Tiago Forte, talks about the second brain and how humans can achieve their creative potential using it. He also wrote Building a Second Brain, where he discusses productivity, ideas, and content creation.

What he says about stumbling upon an idea and handling it is essential for all creators.

You can buy the book here.

Do You Write Newsletters? You Must Follow Alex Llull

Alex Llull runs a newsletter called The Steal Club with about 4,600 subscribers. The Steal Club teaches creative entrepreneurs about using content to grow an audience and brand.

On Twitter, Alex shares solid tips and strategies on content, ideas, and social media. With about 31.2K followers, Alex has quite nailed the art of writing Twitter threads and keeping his readers hooked. Along with simple illustrations, Alex also draws up learnings and strategies from other creators that's why he calls it The Steal Club. If you're keen on growing your newsletter or building in public, you must follow Alex.

Check out the Steal Club here.

The Easy Company Raises $14.2M

Crypto wallet startup The Easy Company has raised about $14.2M in funding, and it intends to make NFT purchasing seamless. Offering an Instagram-style interface, The Easy Company is great for newbies to trade NFTs. Its new social crypto wallet enables curated profiles with features that any social media platforms offer.

In a conversation with Tech Crunch, co-founder of The Easy Company, Kevin Swint, said, "We want to deliver to the world a new way to engage with web3 but also a new digital wallet. We think the digital wallet space is huge and hasnt moved away from payments and its something we can grow quickly in.

Read more about it here.

How to Focus Like Its 1990s

We're in the attention economy and let's be honest, it's tough to focus in today's age.

As creators, our days are filled with many beautiful distractions. If you can sit and bleed content without your mind traveling to 100 places, you've won! For the New York Times, Dana G. Smith writes about attention, and how we can focus like its the 90s.

From taking breaks to deep reading this piece covers it all. Read for more deets!

What Else Is Brewing?

  • Have you checked out TrendlineHQ yet? Thisfree newsletter offers sharp business insights through data-rich visuals and charts. It's crafted especially for busy investors and professionals working in tech. Subscribe here.

  • TikTok launches a talent management portal in its Creator Marketplace for talent managers to negotiate, review contracts, content, and connect with more creators. Get more details here.

  • We've published a Creator Economy Predictions & Trends report for 2023, that you can check out here.

  • Did you know you could get newsletter subscribers through The Sample? Yup, this platform accepts newsletter submissions and forwards them to readers similar to your target audience. They do paid ads too! Check out The Sample here.

  • Fintech company Karat has launched a podcast The Karat Podcast, and this weekly podcast hopes to bring Colin & Samir as their future guest. Find the podcast here.

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