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In today's Going Solo

  • Friday advice: Sir Ken Robinson on originality

  • Discover a new creator: Anne-Laure Le Cunff’s journey

  • News that caught our eye: BeReal is trying to make a comeback

  • Stuff worth watching: Think Media on how to get anyone on your podcast

Sir Ken Robinson on Originality

It’s no surprise that we’re all afraid of making mistakes. Will they set us back on our paths or will they haunt us forever? When we’re learning and experimenting with something new, we’re bound to fail. But that’s how we find our niche and voice.

British author and teacher Ken Robinson has a few wise words on originality. 👇🏼

👉 Check out Sir Ken Robinson's books here.

Googler to Productivity Writer & Founder: Anne-Laure Le Cunff’s Journey Explained

Anne Laure Le Cunff’s journey has always been about prioritizing mental health and enabling that for others! She worked in Google’s Digital Health team and quit her job when she faced a burnout; later she joined a startup and had to relinquish it when the second burnout struck.

That’s when she realized she had to conjure a tangible solution.

She went back to school to study MSc in Neuroscience and floated Ness Labs, which was only a blog then. From writing about her learnings to helping individuals tap into their potential — Ness Labs grew into what it is today — a flourishing community. 💯

Later Anne diversified her content into ebooks, newsletters, and a YouTube channel. We’ve demystified her journey in a Twitter thread for you. 👇🏼

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Is BeReal Trying to Make a Comeback?

And this time, it's quite exciting!

It might actually win you a vacation and a feature on New York's Times Square.

BeReal has launched a 'Are You the Realest Person on Earth?' contest to discover the most real person on the planet — someone who's their true self, and unabashedly comfortable in their own skin. This contest is open on till November 7, and BeReal intends to pick 10 finalists and share it across socials — you get to vote for the finalists, and the most real of those will win prizes.

Here's where you can enter the contest.

Read more about it. 👇

Do you think this will help BeReal make an actual comeback? Or will people just enjoy the giveaway and forget about the app later?

Do you think the internet will use BeReal again?

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How to Get ANYONE on Your Podcast! - Think Media

Are you new to podcasting or struggling to bring guest speakers? Think Media has recently produced a great video on how you can get anyone on your podcast.

Even if you’re a small podcast or have just started producing content, being smart with your invitations is how you’ll land a guest. Watch this video for more! 👇

🔥 What Else Is Brewing?

  • It's been a month since TikTok launched its shop store. Is it going well? Here's what Tubefilter has to say.

  • Isn't YouTube just deep diving into analytics? We love that — it's what helps small channels and creators get better at their growth game. Here's what we're talking about.

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