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If you've been following our content closely, you know how much we enjoy talking to UGC creators. Every bit authentic, fun, and worth keeping an eye out for — UGC creators as we believe will transform the face of creator economy. ✨

In today's Morning Rush we're sharing our conversation with one such creator. Amanda Nicole, a UGC and content creator, has 10 years of retail sales experience and has worked with brands such as Armani Beauty, Lottie, Wild Foods, Skin Fix, etc.

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But, First: Who's Amanda Nicole?

Sunaina: Tell us about yourself and what made you start creating.

Amanda Nicole: I’m Amanda, a 30-year-old UGC creator from New York! I was working at Sephora for over ten years, and it was always mind blowing to me how I would find out a product went viral on TikTok just because so many people asked for it. The power of social media marketing made me think, what if I worked on that end of things instead? Retail was becoming tiring. And then I came across UGC, and everything clicked. Now, I work across all niches.

Sunaina: What does your content strategy involve?

Amanda: Having experience selling products in store to consumers, I try to translate that energy in my scripts and content. People don’t want a product; they want their problems fixed.

Sunaina: What are the qualities a UGC creator should have?

Amanda: Be easy to work with! Good communication skills, deliver quality content, and be open to feedback! To me this is the most important.

Sunaina: You work with some of the biggest beauty and lifestyle brands. What has your experience been so far?

Amanda: It’s been amazing! I’ve loved transitioning from selling these huge brands in Sephora as a beauty advisor (The Inkey List, Giorgio Armani, Merit Beauty) to helping them make content. Working with Inkey List was such a full-circle moment because I got to film one of the videos in the Sephora I was working at.

Sunaina: Can you share 2-3 challenges you face as a creator?

Amanda: Definitely comparing myself to others. It’s so easy to do when everyone shares their wins all over the place. But I’ve learned to use that as motivation instead of feeling like “woe is me” lol! Also, keeping up with my own socials when I have a lot of client content to film — it’s definitely a juggling act at times!

Sunaina: How significant is the role of women in shaping the future of the creator economy?

Amanda: Coming from the beauty industry, which is also women-dominated, I feel at home here; we’re making huge waves. Honestly even people who aren’t technically “creators” are selling out products! For instance, an eye cream from Peter Thomas Roth went viral because a woman (not an influencer) posted about it. They ended up compensating her heavily. The brand estimated the amount sold within less than a week was equivalent to what would normally sell in 6 months. WILD!

Sunaina: Got any advice for beginner creators?

Amanda: Keep going! I didn’t start seeing good money until at least six months in. Just focus on the basics and keep learning. Oh, and mindset is everything — whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.

Sunaina: Do you remember the first time you’ve made money out of your content?

Amanda: The first time, I made money as a UGC creator was a first paid collaboration was for a tattoo numbing cream. I even went as far as to get a tattoo for the video; it was one I had been wanting, but I only got paid $50 for the video. Now, looking back I would’ve never accepted that deal but then, I was SO excited and was like "wow, I really can make money with UGC!"

Sunaina: What does the future of UGC look like?

Amanda: It’s only getting started! Although, I do think a lot of brands will start hiring in-house creators. I also think there will be a dramatic shift away from traditional hooks and CTA structures. We'll go more towards organic concepts. There is SO much potential with UGC; I’m excited to see what the space is like in a year!

Sunaina: What are you working on right now?

Amanda: I’m starting a podcast with my UGC bestie, Mia! We will be talking all things UGC and manifestation — raw, real, to the point and slightly unhinged. So, join us on Instagram at @ugslay.podcast.

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