Ford: Standing Out or Sticking Out?

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Imagine a party where you see a serious uncle standing alone in a suit, looking a bit out of place. Well, that's how Ford, one of the most iconic automobile brands, feels these days.

In the 20th century, Ford was the pioneer in the automotive industry, replacing horse carriages with cars. They wanted to make cars affordable for everyone and thus launched the Model T in 1908. The Model T wasn't just a car; it represented progress and freedom. It let people travel more easily, from farms to cities. It was everywhere in America, changing how people lived and worked.

But it’s not 1908 anymore, and Ford has realized this and tried to innovate massively with its electric vehicles. But there’s a catch…

Ford's Next Gear: Influencer Collaboration?

After ruling the U.S. market for multiple decades, Ford’s era has now eased off as the GenZs have shifted to Toyota. This new generation can’t relate to Ford; they don’t think of it as a modern and trendy brand, much like the brand reputation of Toyota.

Toyota's marketing efforts, including social media campaigns and partnerships with influencers, have played a role in shaping Gen Z's perception of the brand.

In fact, Entrepreneur reported that while the previous generations, especially the GenXers and Boomers had a thing for Ford, Gen Z “prefers Japanese brands”.

It’s not like the folks at Ford haven’t taken notice.

Their CEO Jim Farley runs a podcast called ‘Drive’, where interviews people on what ‘drives them’ and asks his listeners to ‘ride shotgun’ with him.


What’s more, they also did a collaboration with Anyone But You lead Sydney Sweeney in 2023, where they customised the iconic Mustang for her, and also recruited influencer Lexie Alford, with whom they wanted to be the first ones to circumnavigate the globe in an electric vehicle.

Ford's Regeneration: Influencer Synergy for Modern Appeal

At this point in time, Ford finds itself at a crossroads, navigating the shift in consumer preferences towards more modern and trend-conscious brands like Toyota. While the legacy of Ford's pioneering spirit endures, revitalizing its brand image is necessary to resonate with the younger generation.

Exploring strategic influencer collaborations presents a promising avenue for Ford to inject freshness and relevance into its marketing efforts.

In an upcoming episode of Influencer Matchmaking, we use InsightIQ to compare how ‘AutoTubers’ Tanner Fox and Evan Shanks offer unique opportunities to connect with the younger segments of Ford's target audience.

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By leveraging the reach and engagement of influencers, Ford has the potential to revitalize its brand perception among Gen Z and beyond.

As Ford continues to innovate with technologies like electric and self-driving cars, strategic influencer collaborations could drive brand relevance and reconnect with a new generation of consumers.

Do you think Ford should explore the influencer route? Or should it continue to do what it has been doing and take its brand story in a different direction?

I am eager to hear what you think! Hit reply and let me know!

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